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A Guide To Choosing The Best Commercial Cleaning Service

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the ideal commercial cleaning service can be a daunting task. While cleaning itself isn’t necessarily a difficult activity and finding the service to clean an office seems simple, … there are various factors to take into consideration if you are to find the most effective option. This article will provide information on the different points to consider ranging from the size of the facility to the price of the service. Take a gander and you’ll be sure to locate the most suitable team.


1. The Size Of The Office

If you were to take a minute to consider the effort behind cleaning a small home with only a few rooms compared to cleaning a large villa, you will easily see how the size of a facility can influence the type of cleaning service hired. A small to mid-size facility can be serviced by a team of one or two cleaners; however, the larger properties will require more individuals to ensure all areas of cleaned effectively.

2. The Type Of Facility

new-york-office-facilityBefore hiring any cleaning service, it is important to take into account the type of property in question. By this we are referring to the function of the facility; for example, is the facility a school or a supermarket? Is it a hospital or a warehouse or a basic corporate building? This is an essential consideration as each facility will require a specific level of cleanliness according to regulations and policies. For example, a hospital requires cleaning services to be aware of biohazardous materials; whereas, warehouses do not.

To determine if the commercial cleaning service is suitable for the facility in question, it is necessary to peruse their portfolio. This will help identify any similar previous experience. You should also question their services and possible specializations. References must be reviewed to determine the company’s reputation and quality of service. It is essential for a company to provide a minimum of two references for considerations, particularly larger commercial cleaning services who offer cleaning in hospitals and schools.

3. The Equipment

Drawing from the type of facility being serviced, it is important to review the type of equipment and products being utilized. Each facility will present with various types of surfaces requiring suitable products. When choosing a commercial cleaning company, it is recommended that you discuss their experience in the facility with the specific surface and the project results. For example, ceramic surfaces will require different cleaning products and equipment as compared to marble surfaces. To ensure there is no damage done to the facility, always do research and inspect the service beforehand.

4. Insuranceteamwork-insurance-cost

To ensure that you will not be held responsible for any damage or accidental injury incurred, it is essential that the commercial cleaning service chosen has liability insurance. The majority of larger cleaning services will carry insurance; however, it is essential that you check the insurance is comprehensive and covers all possible accidents. Be sure to obtain a copy of the documentation as proof of insurance.

5. Cost

One of the primary concerns for all individuals when hiring a commercial cleaning service is the cost. It is highly recommended that you draft a budget before seeking out a service to ensure you know what is affordable and what is not. The larger companies will often be expensive and it may be tempting to overspend; however, you should try to remain within the budget and consider whether or not the service is worth the price.